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Side note… if you don’t know what Recoil Magazine is, please familiarize yourself with their publication.  Recoil publishes some of the most interesting gun/gear related articles you will find and is intensely visually captivating.


The article explained my stance on what I prefer to say to veterans than the standard “Thank you for your service.”  Titled “Stop Thanking Veterans,” it definitely struck the nerve that encouraged the reader to continue reading.  Some people took the article for face value; some thought I was bitter, rude, even had a self-important attitude.  This was not a personal blog; it was for a major publication.  Every word matters, skip a word and you may miss the whole point.  Read it with only the title in mind, you may not be open to the bigger picture.  Those who read the article in it’s entirety, thank you.  The people who can relate, thank you for letting me know.  I know I’m not alone in my opinion.

So, what was the point?  Surely it was not for anyone to stop thanking Veterans.  Come on, this is America.  We love our Veterans.  If you feel different, then get out.

The point was to be thankful for what you have; love your life, your family, and your country.  Without the people who make sacrifices and accept risks all for the greater good, what we have would be drastically different.  If all you are able to say is “Thank you for your service,” please do just that, but know why you’re saying it.



Read the full article on Recoil: HERE


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