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It’s fun to compete, but it’s icing on the cake when awesome prizes are involved. Match Directors work incessantly to ensure the prize tables awe competitors. The prize table is actually not about the prize table or even about the match; it’s all about you. Now that you know the prize table is all about you, let’s talk about what that really means.

I have seen prize tables where the actions of others made me think “Wow… this is madness, these people have no manners…someone please put order to this mess!” Match results are read in order by finish; prizes are supposed to be picked in the same order. The appropriate action by the competitor is to fall in line after their name is called and pick up their prize. It is also not okay to prevent other shooters from selecting an item by hovering over several different prizes cause you cannot make up your mind. At the end of the day, even the prizes are just items that can be bought and are not worth others getting a bad opinion of you if a prize table situation gets sticky.


Sponsors shine at the awards ceremony and prize table. There is more to match sponsorship than just putting guns, gear, and gift certificates on the table. Sponsors are able to gain exposure while actively showing support for shooting sports. This does not immediately translate into revenue for those sponsors. To show your appreciation, send the sponsor a quick letter or email. It is important to let the match sponsors know that they’ve made a good choice by sponsoring the event.

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Most competitors do not shoot matches with the expectation of walking away with an amazing prize. No matter what you walk away with, do it with grace by thinking of the sponsors and your fellow competitors. When is comes to prize tables, the etiquette is simple: take your turn, be kind, and say thank you.

Originally written for: GunUp the Magazine


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