The Easy Answer to Guns for 3-Gun: Looking at what the professional shooters use, and why, can provide you with an easy approach to navigating through the endless options of firearms for 3-Gun competition. (continue reading…)

3GN Dan Rifle

Mammoth Sniper Challenge 2015: “Do you want to shoot Mammoth together?” “Sure, I guess so.” That was the simple dialogue between my husband, Daniel, and I about 6 months prior to the Mammoth Sniper Challenge of 2015… We won because… (continue reading…)


Zero Preference, Keeping it Simple:  …I prefer not having to think about much when I shoot except “See target, see sight on target, pull trigger.” (continue reading…)


3-Gun Nation Ladies Pro Series Qualifier:  In a nutshell, my 3-Gun Nation Qualifier experience as well as some tips from my mistakes.  (continue reading…)


Precision Guns and Optics: A Winning Combo:  …Our success was undoubtedly determined by our keen selection of guns and optics. (continue reading…)



Improve Your Shotgun Game for 3-Gun:  Understanding that the shotgun can make or break your 3-gun game is paramount. If you do not learn to work with your shotgun, it will become your weakest link.  (continue reading…)



Her First Gun:  Whether or not a child should have a gun is a controversial topic. With firearms being so dangerous, why should a child, let alone a girl, even handle a firearm? (continue reading…)



I’ve Been Adopted:  Almost two years ago, a competitive shooter told me “You need to shoot 3-gun. Just come watch a match.”  (continue reading…)





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